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by Kevin Arnoldby Kevin ArnoldFilzer Gear designed in beautiful Vancouver CanadaNSMBA - Empress Bypass

Filzer Cone Wrench 17/18 mm

Filzer Cone Wrench 17/18 mm Double-Ended 17 mm and 18 mm Cone Wrench. These wrenches are small and compact enough to take on the road, but long enough to provide good leverage.

Filzer Bottom Bracket Tool 8

Filzer Bottom Bracket Tool 8 Removes Shimano® XTR M950 and ISIS 8-notch bottom brackets caps. Requires 32 mm wrench or a 1/2" drive.

Filzer Crank Puller - Square/Octalink/ISIS

Filzer Crank Puller - Square/Octalink/ISIS Need to take off your cranks? This tool makes it easy to remove almost all square-taper bottom bracket spindles. It has a long comfortable vinyl coated handle that provides plenty of leverage for the tightest of cranks. Fits 22 mm x 1 threads and square-taper cranks and bottom brackets.