About Filzer

About FilzerFilzer began with a simple proposition: use our years of experience in engineering and cycling to identify the core products important to cyclists; refine and improve them and deliver them to the customer with quality and value built in; and to reflect a passion for cycling in everything we do.

After 19 years we are still at it and Filzer has grown to be one of the largest and most recognized brands of cycling products in Canada. Our line of products has continued to expand and innovate beyond our original goal to a range that appeals to all levels of cyclists.

Over time new technologies like 3D Cad and 3D printers have made the design process faster and more interesting, but ultimately the hard work and the design process remain the same, with steps both forward and sometimes backward: to go from design concept to a high quality finished product in the customer’s hand.

The work is both fun and rewarding but our most important mission is to stay focused on the needs of our customers: to stay current with the changing technological direction of cycling; and to reflect this in our ever expanding range of products.

This is Filzer.

Environmental Practices

Environmental PracticesAt Filzer, we understand that cycling is inherently a green and environmentally friendly form of transportation and recreation. But more importantly, we understand that one of the critical challenges facing humanity today is to reduce the negative impact we have on our planet.

We design and create products that reflect these values. Our products are durable, well designed and manufactured with minimal environmental impact.

We use minimal packaging and only recyclable packaging materials.

Finally, we wish to add to the efforts of cyclists’ world wide who embrace a green lifestyle with little impact to our environment.

Responsible Manufacturing

Responsible ManufacturingWe are a small company but we only work with world-class, high quality and responsible manufacturers from around the world. Many other high quality brands are built in these same factories because of their excellent reputations and ability to deliver quality products as promised.  We have a close relationship with our factories and have been working with many of them for over 30 years. We work with them to ensure they are responsible in their treatment of staff, factory working conditions and environmental policies.