Frequently Asked Questions

1) How to use our Support page


At Filzer we try to make product support as simple as possible.

The top orange Navigation bar - Support/'Product Support' Tab will bring you to our Support page.

The items shown on the Support Page will include ALL Filzer items including discontinued items. (Note: The items shown on the Product page will only show current items).

To find help on any particular item - navigate to the item that you need help with - and if there is support info you will see the information in the support tab on the right side of the page. Note some items will not have any support info.

If you need additional information on any given item please Contact us. Let us know the item you are asking about (include a link to that item in the email is helpful) and what information you need. Also please ensure you provide us with a good email address. (We do get quite a few emails but with bad email address - and it is most impossible to reply back).

If you cannot find something try using our Search Tool on the top right hand side of the page.

2) Bike Computers - Trouble shooting

Click the below link to for HELP on these topics!

Bike Computer FAQ page.