Chain Cleaner

Item Number: CC-3

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The Filzer Chain cleaner makes it simple to clean dirty chains with its 168 rotating brushes. 2 updated plastic squeegee pads wipe off the excess solvent from the chain to minimize the mess. The flip-lock securely locks the top cover in place. Magnet on base to collect steel burrs from chain. The handle provides ample support and keeps it upright when resting the unit on the ground. Replacement brush kit part number CC-3P. Don’t forget to get some degreaser. It is safe to use with citrus based cleaners.

1) How to use Filzer Chain Cleaner.



2 Replacement Chain Cleaner Spare Parts Kit CC-3P.

3 The Chain Cleaner is made of polycarbonate. Only use proper chain cleaning fluid, including citrus based cleaners with this item. Other solvents may melt the plastic.