Freewheel Remover (SuntourĀ® 2-notch)

Item Number: FR-ST2

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Removes Suntour® 2 notch freewheels. Not recommended for 4 or 6 notch freewheels. Requires an adjustable or 23 mm wrench.

1) Make sure that you clamp the tool onto your hub/freewheel with a quick-release before you turn the tool - otherwise you will most likely tear the tabs off the tool.

2)  You should leave just enough space/slack on the quick-release so the freewheel threaded ring can spin and loosen up - but still hold the tool in place securely.

3) The reason why companies do not make this style freewheel anymore is because too many freewheel remover's tabs were torn off.

4) For freewheels that are very tight - careful - the odds are you may break the tool - and there is not much we can do about this - sorry!